Review: BenQ WiT e-Reading desk lamp

The folks at BenQ ( kindly sent me one of their desk lamps for reviewing, if you are planning to upgrade your battle station, this might be useful, let’s go!

The lamp comes neatly packaged in a big box and is pretty easy to set up. It comes with a heavy pedestal base, but you can get a table clamp separately if you prefer.

The total length of the lamp seems about right for a normal hobby workbench (check pics), the arm is around 78cm, and the head another 36cm. There is enough maneuverability to lit everything on the table evenly, and the convex shape of the head expands the total lit area.

Now the interesting features of this lamp are the adjustable brightness and temperature of light. This, in my opinion, is what sets this lamp apart from others, as the possibility to adjust the light allows you to use it for different activities.

With the temperature ranging from warm, through neutral, to cool, you can use the lamp for your painting sessions, using a neutral, bright lighting. Then you can switch to a warm, dimmer light for relaxing activities such as reading, or change to a cooler light for studying.

If you are one of those hobbyists, like me, who have their workspace divided in two tables for different tasks, this lamp might prove useful.

It also has a feature called “Auto dimming mode”. Basically, you can set it to automatically adjust the light, depending on the light conditions in the room.

As for other technical specs, it has a CRI of 95 and “ZeroFlicker” tech, which means that it is also good for photography and video filming.

My overall opinion on this lamp is that it would be a good purchase if you take your workspace seriously and want to push your lighting setup one step further beyond, as this is a high-quality product worth the money it costs.

My recommendation if you decide to acquire one, though, is getting the table clamp too, for extra flexibility and steadiness.

And that’s it! I hope this will be useful to someone 😊 Below you can find a few Amazon affiliate links to the lamp, for several regions, in case you’d like to get one.

BenQ WiT e-Reading Lamp at Amazon